Flexible Strategy

Flexible Strategy

Many investment managers and funds specialize in particular areas of the market. They might invest in only US stocks, high-yield bonds or even more specific areas of the market, like small-cap growth stocks. A snapshot of their performance at any given moment might seem impressive. But what happens when their narrowly focused investment strategy falls out of favor?In our experience, no single strategy is always superior, and those who adopt such an approach can underperform as leadership styles continually rotate. At Peak ventures ltd, we use an active investment approach, led by our Investment Policy Committee and in-house Research department, that helps us respond to market shifts and their impact on clients’ portfolios… Peak ventures ltd employs a large team of investment professionals who analyze regions, countries, sectors, and industries When managing investments for our clients, we believe this comprehensive approach to research allows us to invest across a variety of areas in the market, using a flexible strategy designed to help capture potential opportunities for our clients consistent with their goals and objectives.

Our active investment strategy is based upon our forward-looking view of markets. We make tactical adjustments along the way, moving clients’ portfolios into the types of stocks and bonds we expect to perform best. A portfolio that provides zero exposure to almost half of developed world equity markets is the opposite of diversified. But many investors’ portfolios might be doing just that if their investment firm only focuses on US companies and ignores the 40%+ of international developed-world equity markets.1 Such investors lack exposure to foreign markets whose stocks often trade leadership with US stocks, which can help reduce overall portfolio volatility. At Peak ventures ltd, we set ourselves apart by approaching asset management from a global perspective. We invest globally to help hedge against domestic downturns, expose portfolios to more opportunities, diversify and, over time, reduce volatility.

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